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We advise Italian companies on VAT-related issues involving foreign business, especially in German-speaking countries, but also in other European and non-European countries. 

Vatrim also offers and processes total solutions for international tax matters in the European Union and worldwide.

Our experts advise foreign companies on the implementation of planned VAT-applicable business transactions in Italy for all specific matters. We have the necessary expertise to process intra-community triangular and chain transactions. 

We provide support for companies dealing with various value added tax issues in multiple countries, advising them through networking with VAT experts in other European countries.


We examine the applicability of VAT in planned business transactions for your Company in Italy and in other countries.

In order to ensure that your Company complies with current tax regulations in Italy, our experts examine your value added tax compliance.

If your Company is planning to do business through mail order, we will check for you whether any threshold values for e-commerce sales have been exceeded.


If the examination of planned business transactions reveals the need to register with the Italian tax authorities, we will assist your Company in applying for a VAT number.

If the appointment of a tax representative is required in order to meet VAT reporting obligations, we will advise you or undertake representation for your company for tax/fiscal purposes.

Accounting and filing
periodic returns

If you do not want to spend time or human resources in working through complex tax related issues for your business abroad, we are able to take over the complete VAT accounting for your company. This includes the validation for coherence and conformity of documents and data provided.

In order to comply with all recurring requirements, we provide for the preparation, drawing up and periodic submission of all mandatory statements, such as VAT returns, reporting of VAT data, Intrastat declarations. 

Vatrim consultants are authorised to issue the certification notation

Refunding and assignment
of reimbursement claims

In the event of a VAT credit or input tax claims against the tax authorities, we provide for the drawing up and submission of applications for reimbursement and follow the procedure through to disbursement. We also provide support in gathering the necessary bank and insurance guarantees.

If you qualify for an assignment of VAT receivables, we will make the necessary contacts with authorities and factoring companies.

Contacts with authorities
and tax dispute proceedings

If direct contacts are necessary, we will take care of the correspondence and negotiations with foreign tax authorities on your behalf. We can also do this if the tax position of your business needs to be corrected retrospectively, for example, due to failure to register for VAT or an incorrect VAT return or if you need to claim the reimbursement of outstanding input tax.

Should any disputes arise due to claims against the tax authorities or objections to your tax position, the legal experts from Vatrim will provide you with legal advice and represent you in any tax litigation proceedings.